Visit the local brewing company on McKinney property.Shopping for McKinney property is lots of fun but also a bit tiring. Why not schedule a break at Franconia Brewing Company? They have been brewing the best in local beer for over a decade. The owner, Dennis Wehrmann, comes from a Bavarian family with generations of beer brewing. He himself started working in a local brewery during his school breaks when he was 12. In 1999, Dennis received a master’s degree from Doemans Brewmaster School in Munich. Shortly after, he and his wife moved to the United States. Opening Franconia Brewing Company was the fulfillment of a long-time dream.

Take a Tour to Learn More about Beers Brewed Close to McKinney Homes

Franconia beers are available at many restaurants and pubs around McKinney property. If you’ve had a chance to sample a few, why not take a tour to find out more about how these beers are made? Every Saturday morning at 11 a.m., a two-hour tour begins. An admission fee of $5 treats participants to a tour guided by one of the beermakers. You’ll learn about how ingredients are selected and the processes to brew the different types of beers. Afterward, stick around for a while and try a few of the brews. If you have a group of 20 or more, call ahead to schedule a special tour.

Everyone from McKinney homes is invited to visit Franconia Brewing Company to learn more about this great local fixture.